Jewellery Care

We hope you have fallen in love with your LUV & BART pieces. Please take good care of them! Find some helpful suggestions below to help you wear and love your jewellery longer. 

None of our pieces should be exposed to water. Be sure to keep your jewellery away from the beach, the swimming pool, hot tub or shower to prevent it from contact with extreme conditions and chlorine. Always remove your jewellery before exercising. We recommend you do not sleep with the jewellery on. Take care to avoid extreme humidity or heat as this may cause tarnishing. 

All of our pieces are nickel and lead-free. Plated metals can oxydize if exposed to certain chemical products contained in sprays, perfumes and lotions. When getting ready, put on your jewellery last to avoid contact with these chemicals.

For optimal longevity, store your jewellery in a dry closed container such as a jewellery box, a ziplock bag or a pouch.